The question isn’t whether or not you should mulch; but, rather, which of the many varieties of mulch is right for your outdoor living environment. This “multi-purpose dynamo” (a.k.a. mulch) is one of the simplest – yet most effective – ways to maintain healthy landscape plants. Mulch is a protective cover placed over the soil to maintain moisture, eliminate weeds, reduce erosion and provide nutrients. It also insulates and protects fragile root zones from winter temperatures and unpredictable spring chills.  Leave it to Tom’s Outdoor Living to “muscle up” your landscape with mulch. Our seasoned specialists will work closely with you to find the precise variety and color of mulch that best suits your soil and landscaping needs. Without question, mulch is a great way to spruce up the exterior of your house for spring and summer. Please contact Tom’s Outdoor Living to set up an appointment for an estimate today. 

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