Aeration and Overseeding

Every living thing – including your lawn –
needs air to survive.

That’s the idea behind core aeration, which is the removal of soil and dry grass to improve oxygen levels, water infiltration and drainage. Over time the soil underneath lawns become compacted, making it difficult for grass roots and nutrients to reach deep into the ground. The result is a shallow root bed and an unhealthy lawn. By aerating the soil (removing small cores of earth), room is made for roots, oxygen and water to go deeper into the ground, providing a healthier, greener lawn. Combine aeration with overseeding for a healthy green lawn year-round. Overseeding fills in weak spots in your lawn and helps crowd out weed seeds that sprout up during the summer.



Do you know what type of grass is on your lawn? If it’s a warm season grass like bermuda, then you are probably familiar with the unappealing brown color that tends to cover Oklahoma yards during the winter. But did you know that you can enjoy a luscious, green lawn all year long? Through a process known as overseeding, Tom’s Outdoor Living can provide you with a great blanket of green that thrives in the cooler temperatures. When the seasons change again, your bermuda grass will once again take priority. And as an added bonus, the cool grass will help in preventing some weed growth during the spring. Of course, if your lawn is comprised primarily of cool-weather grass like fescue, you already know the importance of yearly overseeding, as it’s the only way to fill in bare patches and to keep your yard looking lush.

The pros at Tom’s Outdoor Living understand the importance of core aeration and overseeding. In fact, you could say they “live and breathe” their mission to care for your lawn and make it the best it can be. So, give Tom’s a call today; you and your yard will breathe a whole lot easier.

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