Maple Ridge

As everybody knows, historic Maple Ridge is one of the city’s most cherished treasures. But with rising costs, it’s becoming harder for neighborhoods to maintain and improve their common areas. That’s why Tom’s Outdoor Living is honored to “partner” with the Maple Ridge Neighborhood Association to keep the timeless beauty of the Maple Ridge neighborhood in full bloom.

At Tom’s Outdoor Living, community building is a natural extension of our mission: Enriching lives by cultivating beauty, nurturing relationships and inspiring growth. That’s why we are doing more than simply providing turf and ornamental maintenance services for your neighborhood’s common spaces. We are joining the Maple Ridge Neighborhood Association as a community partner, fully invested in the daily lives of our new neighbors by donating goods and services designed to maximize Maple Ridge’s natural grace and elegance, including all weed control, fertilization, mulch and annual color for these common areas.

As a part of this program we hope to nurture neighborhood relationships by covering the neighborhood association dues for all of our Maple Ridge clients. If you’re already a member of the Maple Ridge Neighborhood Association, we will deduct the amount of your dues from your Tom’s Outdoor Living Service agreement.

We’re proud the Maple Ridge Neighborhood Association is saying “We’re with Tom.” And we’re equally proud to be the neighborhood’s newest addition.

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