Real Recycling

Real Recycling and “Re-leafing”

Tom’s Outdoor Living is excited to be launching a new service!
Tom’s will now offer “re-leafing”.

We’re not sure if it’s a real word, but we are sure it’s real recycling.

Homeowners who would like to recycle but aren’t able to compost at home and aren’t interested in the municipal efforts to recycle, can call Tom’s and rest assured that their leaves will be turned into compost. They will not burned or otherwise discarded.

Here’s how it works:

  • Pile your leaves under a tarp, curbside and secured with bricks or other heavy item at all four corners of the tarp. The tarp must be 10 x 15 or smaller. There can be multiple piles with tarps, but no more than 150 square feet per pick up. We do ask that no twigs, branches or trash be in with the leaves in order to ensure a seamless process from your lawn to the mulching process.
  • Call or email Tom’s Outdoor Living and schedule a “Re-Leaf” pick up.

What happens to your leaves:

  • After the leaves are picked up, they are taken to Gem’s Dirt in Tulsa. Gem’s then recycles the leaves into mulch.
  • This “recycling cycle” becomes complete as Tom’s purchases and uses a 50/50 compost for their customers’ landscaping projects from Gem’s which contains the recycled leaves!
  • The fee for this recycling service is $65.00. No contracts to sign, just a phone call away when you need your leaves picked up. If you have any questions about our program or would like to schedule a pick up, please call us at 918.695.1653 or send an email to

We look forward to helping you “re-leaf”!

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