Tom’s Summertime Watering Tips

It’s here. Whether or not  we were really ready for it, the heat is ON. It is Oklahoma after all.  A little planning and execution of  the following watering tips will help keep your yard healthy and protect your investment in your lawn over the next few months.

You can tell if your lawn is becoming dehydrated BEFORE it is too late.  Early signs of a dehydrated lawn include the grass turning a bluish-green color, curling grass blades and footprints that remain visible. Don’t wait until the grass is turning brown. Then it is likely too late to salvage. There are effective ways to water and my recommendations are listed below.

-A good estimate of how much to water your lawn is about an inch of water per week (more may be necessary in long droughts and triple digit days).

-Mornings are the best time to water. It is less susceptible to evaporation and wind.

-Also, watering your lawn just a little bit can cause grassy weeds to develop. 

-Sprinklers are a fairly affordable way to water your lawn, but you  may need to combine portable sprinklers and stationary sprinklers. Depending on the reach of the portable sprinkler, you may want to supplement with stationary ones in order to cover any areas regularly missed.

-Knowing which sprinkler type to buy is helpful. Oscillating sprinklers are good for a larger, rectangular area and revolving sprinklers, which shoot jets of water in a circular motion, are good for smaller areas. Rotary sprinklers are designed to water circular-shaped areas on medium to large lawns.

-Keep sprinklers away from sidewalks and driveways. This will help prevent run off and waste.

-An ideal situation to minimize time and maximize efforts is to invest in an irrigation system. These can be pre-set to water during specific times and dates. They are invaluable during the summer months when many of us take vacations or may be gone for days at a time. They also help to conserve water. City and county water restrictions are usually a result of too many folks watering at once and quite a bit of it is wasted by poorly planned sprinkler systems or ones that are forgotten and left on much longer than is necessary.

There is nothing you can do about the heat, but by sticking to a good watering  and maintenance plan you can have a green and healthy yard this summer.

Feel free to send us your comments or questions. We’re happy to help and welcome your feedback.



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