So You’ve Decided to Put in a Swimming Pool!

While committing to the installation of a pool is a fairly major decision in any homeowner’s life, it does not have to be an overwhelming one. Being specialists in outdoor living design and installation has given us one of the greatest keys to success in any new large scale project-PLAN, PLAN and PLAN some more! Here are some critical questions we ask our customers to answer before the pool project begins:

1. What shape do you want your pool – Rectangular, kidney shaped, round, custom…?
2. Would you like step-in entry or bench entry to the pool?
3. Do you want a hot tub with the pool?
*If so, do you want the hot tub incorporated with the pool or seperate?
* Do you want the hot tub elevated or at the same level as pool
*Do you want hot tub water flowing into pool?
4) Do you want a diving board or slide?
5) How many people do you anticipate being in the pool most of the time?
6) Will you need seat walls for extra seating around the pool?
7) Will you need a heated pool?
8) Will you need lighting for the pool?
9) Will you be cleaning the pool or do you need a pool cleaning service?
10) How much decking/ concrete do you want around the pool?
11) Do you have a place for the pool equipment?
12) Do you want a fiberglass pool or a gunite pool?
13) Would you like ordinary circulation or in-floor circulation?
14) Do you currently have a fence around the proposed pool area? You will definitely need a fence with special locking.

Once these questions are answered, the next step is the design rendering where the vision of your new pool comes into fruition.
Thinking about a swimming pool? NOW is the time to get the ball rolling!

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